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humangear GoToob Travel Bottle
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humangear GoToob Travel Bottle



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Designed to satisfy the travel accessory needs of men and women whether on a business trip or vacation. Products offer high performance, stylish design and rugged durability.


Made Of Silicone

This travel bottle pack easily into toiletry kits, purses, bags, suitcases, etc.. approved for airplane carry-on and meets tsa standards

Special "no drip" valve to helps keeps your bag and cap clean

Product Details:
Product Length: 11.0 inches
Product Width: 7.0 inches
Product Height: 3.0 inches
Product Weight: 2.0 pounds
Package Length: 11.0 inches
Package Width: 7.0 inches
Package Height: 3.0 inches
Package Weight: 2.0 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 125 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.5 ( 125 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

96 of 99 found the following review helpful:

4Perfect for thicker liquids such as creams and lotionsDec 22, 2009
When i received my 3 pack of 3 oz bottles, the main thing i tested was whether they would be leak proof as promised. So i put in some water into the bottle and squeezed the bottle before screwing back on the cap and closing the cap to see if the bottle would retain just the little amount of air I gave it. (I find this a useful technique so that when air pressure expands the things in the bottle the bottles won't explode making my bag messy.) Surprisingly, the bottle expanded to it's original size after i stopped squeezing it which worried me because that meant that air could still get back into the gotoob bottles while the bottles were closed and therefore, the bottles might not be leak proof. However, when i shook the bottle, nothing came out so so far it was leakproof. Next I started squeezing the bottle fairly hard while it was closed to mimic the pressure that the bottles would suffer from while in my luggage when i go traveling. The bottle held up fine but the liquid came out just a little bit, but not enough that it would soak my bag. I was a little disappointed but i used it on a weekend vacation anyways to further test it out.

I used 2 bottles for a creamy shampoo and a creamy body soap and I used 1 of the bottles for a face cleanser with a very watery consistency until shaken. Just for extra precaution i put the bottle that held the watery facial cleanser in a ziplock bag in case it leaked. I then packed my duffel bag quite tightly. After taking the 3 gotoob bottles out during my vacation and after the vacation was over, I noticed that the two bottles with the creamy and thick liquids held up fine and did not leak at all. However, the bottle with the watery liquid made my ziplock bag slightly wet and foamy. Therefore, these gotoob bottles hold up really well for thicker products such as creams, lotions, probably gels. However, for products that have the consistency of water, if there is a lot of pressure on that bottle while it is closed, it can potentially leak.

Overall, I really like these bottles because they feel really nice, I don't worry about dropping them while showering because they're very easy to grip, and they are very flexible when dispensing the liquid inside of them versus the other hard travel bottles that I have bought in the past. I just put the bottle with the watery liquid in a separate ziplock bag just in case it leaks while traveling in my luggage.

163 of 177 found the following review helpful:

3Decent Product, Poor ValueSep 24, 2009
By Yasunori-San "Isbjørnen"
Please, don't get me wrong. I think the Humangear GoToob is a pretty good product and I think that the designers are definitely on the right track. As an experienced traveler, I've put a lot of thought and effort into searching for something of similar design.

The GoToob has a nice small grippable shape, is TSA compliant (under 3oz volume), is squeezable to access all the contents and to squeeze out airspace (for pressure changes), is readily refillable, is clear so it's contents/remaining contents can be seen, is colour coded so the contents are identifiable, has a nicely one-hand deployable cap, has a cap aperture with a nifty leak-proof valve, and has a neat little suction cup built in so that it can be attached to smooth surfaces.

The problem is the GoToob has at least one critical flaw (for which I subtracted a star), and, is kind of a very poor value for the money (for which I subtracted another star). The problem with this product is the obvious "weak point"... the thin plastic hinge joint on the cap. It will be the first thing that will break even with careful repeated use, just from "plastic fatigue". It even looks weak/cheap. Although the built in suction cup seems like a good idea, in actual use it is not universally practical. It often fails leading to the GoToob landing on it's cap. The cap is somewhat brittle plastic and is prone to cracking upon impact.

These minor discrepancies would not be such an issue if the product were more modestly priced, or perhaps if the product came filled with something useful already, like hand sanitizer, shampoo or sunscreen. But except for the uncommon silicone composition, this is NOT high tech rocket science we're talking about. It's just a small waterproof bottle... period. I suppose if you are wealthy and money is no object, or if some government agency is footing the bill, then heck, by all means, go ahead and buy these pricey mini-bottles. But for the normal consumer, I just ask you to stop and consider. Like, a TSA-compliant brand-named bottle of shampoo (filled with actual shampoo!) costs... what? 99 cents at a supermarket? or FREE from a hotel? So why?! why would you even consider paying $5 - $10 or more for an empty bottle unless there was some great added value in features.

32 of 33 found the following review helpful:

5The best product in its classJan 11, 2010
By NinaSD
Having looked for a travel bottle that holds up, doesn't crack and is easy to use, I finally found the GoToob. I log well over a dozen trips per year and cram these bottle into my bag (carry-on) where they get pushed and smashed repeatedly. Never once have they come open, cracked or broken. This is a well thought-out product...Period. From a value perspective, I don't agree with others that rated lower for the price. There is no other product of this quality on the market. If you are looking for quality, something that isn't going to pop open or crack, this is it and is worth the money. I have not yet had a single problem with the 3 that I travel with and I feel even better considering the manufacturer's statement on standing behind the product. From their website [...] regarding replacement caps (and they have a sense of humor):

"Has a wild elephant stormed through your bathroom, stepping on one of your GoToobs and breaking the cap? Have you accidentally cut your tube with a sharp Ginsu knife right after cutting through a soda can? These things happen. Please contact us if you have any problems with your GoToob (please be sure to provide your mailing address). We stand behind our products - if something isn't right, let us know and we'll make it right."

For frequent travelers or those that really don't want their liquid bottles to break or leak...this is it!

15 of 15 found the following review helpful:

2The caps break easily, poor valueDec 26, 2009
By T. Lawrence
These tubes are really cool, however they are extremely expensive and not worth the price. I bought the $25 pack of three tubes and took them camping for a weekend. I filled one with toothpaste, one with dr bronners soap, and one with mouthwash.

The toothpaste held up fine because it is relatively thick, however anything that is a little more liquid than that leaks with even the slightest pressure. I tried to pack these toward the outside of my pack so too much pressure wouldn't be put on them, however the mouthwash leaked everywhere, even though the cap was on and sealed. That is the biggest problem with the silicone I think, it isn't very sturdy so the least bit of pressure on it forces whatever is in it to leak out. If it is thin liquid like mouthwash or soap, it seeps through the cracks

The soap sealed a little bit better because it was thicker than the mouthwash, however the caps on these are very weak and after it slipped out of my hand in the outdoor shower at the camp site, the top cracked and would no longer seal properly. These didn't even last two days. I am returning them and going with something a little more durable: The Eagle Creek Pack-It ([...])

These might be a decent (albeit expensive) choice for travel, but for camping or anything outdoorsy they are a no-go.

9 of 9 found the following review helpful:

5Great so farMar 10, 2010
By Dancing D
I hesitated to order a Go Toob because of some of the other reviews, but finally decided that I would take a chance. I've just started using it and have taken one trip so far. For me, it works great - I haven't really found any other travel container that fits the purpose for which I needed it: wide opening for easy filling, especially for such goopy stuff as hair conditioner; plus, easy to squeeze out for goopy stuff, like hair conditioner. Maybe the lid will eventually break (another reviewer said it seemed flimsy), but for now, I'm very happy - I want to take my choice of hair conditioner (Biolage) which is thick and creamy, and this travel container enables me to do so. Oh, and on this one trip, my baggage was thrown around and it got squeezed by heavy luggage - and the Go Toob didn't leak. So, so far, so good.

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