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SLA 6V, 4.5AH
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SLA 6V, 4.5AH

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CHOKING HAZARD -- Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

UPG 85998/d5733 Sealed Lead Acid Batteries (6v; 4.5 Ah; Ub645)


Used In Ups Backup Systems, Spotlights, Flashlights, Exit Lighting & Other Equipment

6V, UB645, 4.5 AH

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Product Details:
Product Length: 4.5 inches
Product Width: 3.0 inches
Product Height: 2.0 inches
Product Weight: 1.6 pounds
Package Length: 4.8 inches
Package Width: 3.2 inches
Package Height: 2.2 inches
Package Weight: 1.65 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 341 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.5 ( 341 customer reviews )
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5Performs as expectedAug 12, 2010
By The WB
This battery was purchased as a total replacement battery pack in a Wildgame Innovations (WGI) 1.3 MP strobe Game Camera under the Timberview brand name. See my review of that camera. This game cam used 4 "C" cell batteries. At best the batteries would last 6 weeks. After buying several packages of "C" cells, it was time to trim our battery cost.

The battery was quite a bit smaller than I expected. Out-of-the-box, this battery was charged (6.34 volts), but we topped it off before the battery was placed into service (7.30 volts). Furthermore, given the reserve capacity rating of this battery in comparison to the reserve capacity of an Alkaline "C" cell battery, we should get far more use time out of this battery. How much more? That can only be evaluated at a later date. As a side note -- WGI newest deer cam models have the capability of connecting a 6 volt battery pack, such as Amazons Wild Game Innovations External 6V Battery Pack. WGI uses a pair of batteries of comparable specifications to the UPG UB645 inside their battery pack.

I will update this posting as we monitor this battery's performance in the field. Preliminarily (2 days use), this battery is performing as expected.

The application this battery is now being used in, the size, being completely sealed from the elements and the current price, we are hard pressed to find fault with this purchase.
9/2/2010 - Update

First field test with the deer cam over a 19 day time period in the woods and in wet conditions -- 237 pictures with approximately 85% being flash pictures. ALL flash pictures came out clear, no black pictures when the camera triggered and the battery couldn't supply enough power to charge the flash strobe. Voltage test in the field -- 5.99 volts under a minor load. We recharged the battery to 6.67 volts and placed this battery back into service with the deer cam in the woods. We are very pleased with this battery's performance.
9/29/2010 - Update

28 days and 330 pictures (85% flash) in the field -- The camera was shut off when we retrieved it. The last 24 pictures were black, where the flash couldn't recharge due to the drop in battery voltage. The battery was drained down to 3.57 volts when it was brought back for recharging. After a slow 12 hour recharge, the battery was back up to 6.67 volts.

I cannot fault this battery. The drain came from the camera and the flash itself. Performance between "C" cell batteries and this one appear to be closely related with one major exception - the ability to recharge this battery, unlike the "C" cells that have to be replaced. We are going to monitor and recharge this battery more closely in the future. I'm disappointed in the prospect that this battery doesn't have the long term capacity to supply power to this deer camera over the long, cold Michigan winter.
10/05/2010 - Update

We returned to this battery after 5 more days in the field. 150 pictures and all were perfect. The battery voltage was at 6.20 volts (80% flash pictures). Pulled the battery and recharged to 6.67 volts. One night, with overnight temperatures dropping to 22 degrees, we captured 250 flash pictures - all clear in full color. The battery voltage was at 6.0 volts. We recharged the battery and placed back into service.

We have now obtained a 9 volt solar panel charger for this battery. Our next trip up, this solar panel will be connected to our battery and camera. We anticipate this will give the battery a much needed boost in life over its long winter task.

In all, this battery performed as we expected. The cost savings in "C" cell battery's has now more than paid for itself.
1/11/2011 -- Second battery

We have a second deer cam Wildgame Innovations IR5 5.0MP Digital Game Scouting Camera with Infrared Flash(see my review of this game cam) in the field now. It too is developing battery issues, especially with the flash at night. The batteries are "C" cell's and we are going through too many to be economically viable. So, just like its smaller cousin, we are hard wiring in this battery for increased performance and longevity in the field.

Buying a second similar battery for the very same purpose shows how happy we are with these batteries. The cost savings is also a big plus!

7/2/2011 - Third battery and Update

We purchased our third deer cam along with a third battery. The new camera is a 2011 S1.3X strobe deer camera with an external battery connection as sold by Amazon as Wildgame Innovations Game Scouting Camera with Video. Our first run with this new camera required the need for a higher power battery. Here it is.

All three batteries work great. All recharge fine and hold their charge for extended use. Even after hundreds of flash pictures every 30 seconds, all pictures come out. We couldn't be more pleased with these batteries performance.

6/8/2012 - Update

11 more months have passed since my last update. Two harsh winter's and two hot summers, rain and snow, weeks of total discharge sitting waiting for a recharge are just some of the conditions we require these batteries to perform in. All three batteries are still in service. All three batteries take and hold their charge. Battery efficiency drops significantly in real cold weather, but when recharged, they bounce right back to their prior operating condition.

The oldest of the three batteries (made in 4/2010) has been rotated to the most power efficient camera with infrared flash. Even doing this, we are still netting over 300 pictures per charge with most being nighttime pictures using the flash. Voltage remains well within operational limits of the camera of more than 5.5 volts.

These batteries have performed better than we expected. How long will they last? We will find out, but it may be some time into the future.

Another year has passed with these batteries. We are now down to two strobe flash camera's using this battery. We rotate the third out as a spare battery, so only two are being used at any one time.

All three batteries are performing very well. Even sitting discharged the past cold winter in NW Michigan, they recharged just fine. Two are working as I write this, snapping deer pictures in the woods.

Almost 3 years of continuous use, months of total discharge in sub-zero temps and they come back to life each time they are recharged. I am truly amazed that they continue to perform as well as they have. If you need a 6 volt battery like this, don't hesitate. They work!

14 of 14 found the following review helpful:

5Good replacement for a Peg Perego Ride AlongFeb 26, 2011
By Andrew K.
I purchased this battery as a replacement for a Peg Perego Thomas the Train Ride along Engine. Merely take the green top off the old battery, slap the green top on this new battery and you are good to go. Peg Perego batteries are around 4 times the price. Save yourself some $ and get a generic battery that operates at the same efficiency.

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5Good price Good ProductsApr 01, 2010
By CARL R. "Dr. Carl"
Good price for this battery that fits my portable inflater. The is really handy when camping & the battery lasted through one mattress, 2 inflatable kayaks, & a 10ft raft. Not bad for one charge.
Dr. Carl

5 of 5 found the following review helpful:

5Works with Garrity flashlightSep 11, 2011
Ordered this to replace the battery from my Garrity rechargable spotlight. I can't find a model number for ths spotlight, but the AC charger that goes with it was MODEL: HK41U-12-500. Fit well, took a charge, and seems to be doing what it should be.

14 of 18 found the following review helpful:

5Save your marriage...Aug 27, 2014
By D. Grieco Jr.
My nymphomaniac ex-wife was going through D-Cell alkaline batteries like it was her job. Two, three times a week she was changing out spent batteries for fresh ones and it was costing me a fortune. And when we didn't have any new batteries in the house, she'd look at me with lust in her eyes or I'd actually have to carry on a conversation with her (mostly about when I was going to the store for more batteries). I was exhausted both mentally and physically.

Then, I got this lead acid rechargeable battery and it changed my life forever... I started spending money on food... I slept at night... except for the constant buzzing the house was quiet... and I hardly even knew my wife was home. It didn't save my marriage, but it made it tolerable for a while.

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