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Numark Mixtrack Pro DJ Controller with Integrated Audio Interface
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Numark Mixtrack Pro DJ Controller with Integrated Audio Interface

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MIXTRACK PRO is a complete DJ system that works with the music on your Mac or PC. MIXTRACK PRO's classic two-turntables-and-a-mixer setup connects to your computer so you can scratch, mix, loop, and much more. MIXTRACK PRO has all the inputs and outputs you’ll need for your headphones, speakers, and a mic. Plus, MIXTRACK PRO is portable, so you'll always be ready to DJ anywhere. MIXTRACK PRO has two decks, each with a large, touch-sensitive turntable for accurate scratching, beat-juggling and locating precise points within your tracks. It’s just like working with a record. In addition to the two decks, MIXTRACK PRO has an easy to use audio mixer so veteran DJs and beginners alike will be able to step right up and get the party going. If you’re DJing for the first time, MIXTRACK PRO is a great place to learn because your skills will transfer to any other DJ system. MIXTRACK PRO comes with Serato DJ Intro, powerful software which makes it easy to mix your favorite music. MIXTRACK PRO lets you create professional sounding mixes at home or at live performances at parties, functions and clubs. MIXTRACK PRO is also a MIDI-over-USB controller, so it's compatible with virtually all DJ software.


Digital DJ controller with large, touch-sensitive control wheels and integrated audio interface

Mix, scratch and perform with the music on your computer via dual-deck layout complete with mixer section

Communicates with your computer via a single USB connection

Illuminated controls provide 1:1 feedback with software parameters

Supports MIDI over USB for compatibility with virtually all digital DJ software

Class compliant- no drivers to install and thus no headaches

Includes Serato DJ Intro, fully upgradable to Serato DJ

Product Details:
Product Length: 18.82 inches
Product Width: 11.1 inches
Product Height: 1.57 inches
Product Weight: 5.07 pounds
Package Length: 21.9 inches
Package Width: 13.8 inches
Package Height: 4.9 inches
Package Weight: 5.95 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 347 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.5 ( 347 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

72 of 76 found the following review helpful:

5numark mixtrack proApr 15, 2011
By Michael C "WATCH FREAK"
well let me tell you! i have been djing on 2 1200s and a vestax mixer for 10 years and then 2 pioneer cdj800s for a few years now..i did 6 days of research,never liked numark,but i thought that i would give it a try..well after 3 days and now have the feel for it,its great nice scratch pads,fader is a little lame,but i am happy with can scratch nice with time and practice,its like the fader has a built in slope for mix djs,so you have to long stroke it a little,to get nice fades/cutz..if your a wanna be hiphop/scratch dj and do not need 75 features than this is what you want...they have a vestax300 with a little bit better crossfader and smaller scratch pads but not worth near 300-400 more.

116 of 127 found the following review helpful:

5Numark Mixtrack ProDec 31, 2010
By Chris E
Purchased this controller for Christmas after reading many good things about it. I've played around with different controllers before I made my decision on the Mixtrack Pro and being my first "owned" controller I am very pleased. The built in sound card is convenient as it was not built into the regular Mixtrack, the platters are sturdy and have excellent response in terms of scratching etc. The browser knob in the center of the console allows you to browse your iTunes library and choose which songs to cue next. Although this controller is about 90 percent plastic, it still is durable and lightweight for travel purposes. If your looking for a decent controller but are looking to stay low in the price range, the Mixtrack Pro is the way to go.

69 of 75 found the following review helpful:

4Numark Mixtrack Pro DJ Midi Controller with Audio I/OJun 02, 2011
By johnl.2
The Numark Mixtrack Pro is one impressive piece of equipment. I will go through each aspect of the controller and talk about the good and the bad.

-The layout of the Mixtrack Pro is very easy to learn and very accessable. The EQ Kills are placed in the middle of the controller, and very responsive. The effects and loop buttons are also placed conveniently on top of the controller, as well as the pitch bend and pitch knobs.

-I read a comment saying how the Mixtrack Pro is small and could fit into a backpack or laptop case. Well, unless you have a duffel bag as a backpack, it will not fit. I tried putting my Mixtrack Pro into my North Face Backpack, and it did not fit. The length of the mixer is about half a foot longer than a regular laptop of about 16 inches.

-The platters of the Mixtrack Pro are very nice and has a nice feel. Now, I thought that it would have a rubber feel or some kind of leathery feel, but when I felt the platter, it was a hard textured plastic platter. Don't get me wrong, it felt nice, but I was hoping for something a bit higher end.

-The button layout of the controller is nice, including the cue buttons for headphones and sync, cue, stutter and play/pause.

-The one thing I felt a bit iffy on is how light the system was. The plastic was a hard plastic, but I don't think that it can take that much of abuse. Also, the crossfader is extremely sensitive, as when I barely flicked the crossfader, it shifted over to the other side. I don't know if the crossfader is loose for my item or if it is normal to have it like this, but that is the one thing that I am worried about.

-Setup for the Mixtrack Pro is pretty simple. Just pop in the Virtual DJ LE installation CD they gave you, and install the program. Then, connect your Mixtrack Pro to your MAC/PC and then open up Virtual DJ LE. One thing you must understand is that you cannot use Virtual DJ LE by itself. If you try to open it up separately, it will request you to connect the Mixtrack Pro into your laptop.

Overall, its a great controller for a beginner or an intermediate DJ. In the future, I will most likely visit a music store and try out more higher end DJ equipment, whether it is a Numark Midi Controller or Technics turntables with a sturdy Pioneer Mixer.

That's about it for my review. I just got this yesterday and mixed for about two hours and it felt great. Hope this helped! I will update in the future for its performance and how well it endured.

30 of 34 found the following review helpful:

5Buyer Be Ware! This controller will get you so buzzed you'll get addicted!Jan 03, 2012
By Kegz
I got this item a while back (May 2010). I was't completely new to Dee Jaying and I have a real passion for all forms of music (particularly hip-hop, old skool Jazz and Blues). This item satisfied my thirst for working with music. I'm old skool (DJ Flash era - B.D. (b4 digital)). I had 2 turntables and a Gemini mixer back in 1978 trying to scrath and mix to Chic's Good Times and basically tore the hell out of my parents quadraphonic/8 track tape sound system. When I heard Grand Master Flash cuttin and scratchin and takin the artform to new levels and skill sets, I knew I was way out of my league and lost interest in DJaying - but I still loved the music and desired to create it.

Fast forward to the new millennium and new possibilities. This item has truly revived my interest in all forms of music and what I can create with modern digital technology. Watching what people can now do with digital capabilities is simply incredible. The Mixtrack Pro has allowed me to do some pretty interesting and unexpectedly great things with old skool music and new skool flava and the Mixtrack Pro has helped me sound like I actually got some skilz.

First of all, when I got this item for my 47th birthday (I know - compared to some of these new Catz, I'm older than dirt!), I thought it would be just a unique DJ toy that I would play with for a while, get bored, and then throw in the closet with the rest of my unused toys. Boy was I wrong! I took some formal D Jaying lessons from a local DJ. I made my DJ instructor jealous because my Mixtrack Pro had far more bells and whistles than his Hercules DJ software controller and the Mixtrack Pro is so intuitively easy to learn how to use, I got off to a really fast start. My instructor was really impressed with the high quality and great capabilities of the Mixtrack Pro controller.

Secondly, the Virtual DJ software ain't no joke! After playing with the Virtual DJ Lite edition that comes with the product, I spent the $149 to upgrade to the full version of Virtual DJ (the Pro Version). What a great investment! I've been practicing in my lab (a make shift studio in a corner of my crib) and loving all the new music I am coming across and working into my DJ sessions.

Furthermore, there is no shortage of Youtube videos on the Mixtrack Pro. One guy in particular can work wonders with a Mixtrack Pro and offers tutorials on how to do certain things on the controller as well as resolve certain technical issues (Check out DJ Anomaly on Youtube - this guy is da shiznit!).

Finally, this device has sparked my interest in beat generation and producing. I've since got an Akai APC 20 and an Akai MPD 26. I'm looking forward to getting my skill sets up to where I can warrant getting Numark's NS7 FX but that will be a minute.

I'm telling you now! - Buyer Be Ware! This product is like crack to a dope fiend! I'm hella addicted to my Mixtrack Pro and lovin' every moment of it!

39 of 47 found the following review helpful:

3Defective Unit - Numark Tech Support IssuesMay 12, 2011
By Titus McNamara
I just purchased this unit and it shipped from Electronica Direct yesterday. Upon discovering the unit sitting on my porch, it seemed that whoever packaged the item didn't fully seal the box that the unit was put in. Granted, it's not a high-end controller, but the packaging efforts to insulate the item seemed subpar.

I un-boxed the unit and set it up to play music. The unit is compact, the knobs and faders feel slick and work great. This is the ideal unit for the "Bedroom DJ" like myself. Plus, it's lightweight and portable if you feel like rocking a few house parties. It's plastic, so the construction might not hold up to the rigors of heavy club use, but for my little music set-up, it's perfect.

The price was great as well. Most other online retailers had the Mixtrack Pro available for $249. After my Amazon Prime membership kicked in, I got the unit for $210 with one-day shipping. It seemed like a great deal.

After using the unit for a few moments, I found that the right side jog wheel and play button flashed intermittently. A problem I associated with the speed of my computer. Unfortunately that was not the case. After using two different, more powerful computers and another copy of the software, the problem kept occurring.

The unit I received was indeed defective. The right side jog wheel registers a rotary input on the optical sensor when it's not supposed to. Perhaps it's the build, a manufacturer controlled defect, a fluke, or just poor workmanship, but I am now forced to return this unit and will not be purchasing another from Amazon and Electronica Direct in the future.

Upon speaking with NUMARK technical support, the technician told me that I could return the unit and have it repaired within 6 weeks. Having to wait 6 weeks to repair a unit that I discovered defective in the first hour of using it, to me, is unacceptable. It is my feeling that this unit should have been replaced with another immediately and without question.

I am returning this unit to Amazon today for a refund.

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