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Naturalight 7Magnif
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Naturalight 7Magnif

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DAYLIGHT-Naturalight Magnifying Lamp. As one of the Naturalight lamps this one has been designed to help in the preservation of our planet: specially designed tubes provide a load of light with 80% of the energy use; made by the strictest environment-friendly production standards and the packaging is 100% paper/cardboard making it 100% recyclable. This package contains: a 7in (1.75X) magnifying lamp; includes a 28w Naturalight tube (energy saving); multi-hinged adjustable arm: maximum reach: 44in. Color: white; 6ft. white power cord (UL list: E137398); Convenient on/off switch on lamp head; table clamp is included: fits tables; desks and counters up to 1.75in thick. Replacement light tube: UN0003. Some assembly required. Imported.


Less material between you and your work means more clarity and efficiency.

Allow you to see all the details and work in comfort

Includes table clamp

Product Details:
Product Length: 21.5 inches
Product Width: 5.5 inches
Product Height: 11.25 inches
Product Weight: 9.3 pounds
Package Length: 23.0 inches
Package Width: 15.0 inches
Package Height: 5.0 inches
Package Weight: 8.15 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 97 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.5 ( 97 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

63 of 64 found the following review helpful:

5Excellent magnifying lampJun 08, 2011
By Alaskaguy "Alaskaguy"
I've just received and installed my lamp. Since there were no other reviews on Amazon, I decided to provide an early review, which I'll update after I've used the lamp a bit more. I chose the Naturalight after reading good and bad reviews for several other magnifying lamps and noting which features that the review's liked or not. While the Naturalight lamps did not have other reviews on Amazon at the time, I noted that they were carried by a couple of national art supply catalogs where the others were not, and I assumed that was because of the natural spectrum daylight bulb. I'm a painter, so color balance is also very important to me. I've used a lot of architect's lamps and a few other lamp magnifiers, but have never been terribly impressed by other magnifiers. However, my eyes are not as good as they once were, so I decided that it was time for me to give one another try. I'm impressed! The large clear glass lens is excellent, with very little distortion even at the edges, and I can use it with or without my glasses. The heavy glass lens is probably the main feature accounting for the difference in price between the 5" and 7" versions. I chose 7" so that I could easily view anything with both eyes and without frequent repositioning of the lamp, and I think I made the right choice there. With the lens positioned for best focus about 6" from the work surface, there's enough space to easily work with tools up to about 7" long. I'm usually pretty sensitive to fluorescent light flicker and buzzing, but I don't notice either one with this lamp, and it doesn't appear to generate much warmth either. My drawing table was already pretty well illuminated, but the Naturalite really brightens up the area under the magnifier. From it's postion in the front left corner of my table, the supporting arm and swiveling head can be adjusted to reach just about anywhere on my 24" x 36" work surface. I should note that like similar products, this lamp needs to be fixed to a rigid horizonal edge, like a countertop. The top of my drafting table has adjustable height, so that wouldn't work for me. I screwed two short lengths of 2x4 together lengthwise making an upsidedown "L" in cross section, and clamped them to my table legs so that I could screw the lamp support to a rigid support. This seems to work just fine. The lamp is made mostly of metal and glass,with a plastic shroud over the bulb. The springs on the supporting arm are covered with telescoping plastic tubes, which could be appreciated by users with long hair. While installation is pretty intuitive, I suggest carefully reading the instructions before unpacking the lamp. The support arms are compressed tightly and it's possible to pinch your finger if your not paying attention when you remove the packing straps. I don't give a lot of 5* reviews, so that's an indication that I like this product. Nothing about it appears to be underdesigned or cheaply made. However, it differs from the 5" model in that it does not include a dust cover. Can't say why that is, as there appears to be a built in slot to hold one, but perhaps a 7" flap would just get in the way of using the lamp. Anyway, a gallon size Zip-Lock bag fits over the lamp as a dusthood just fine.

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5I use this lamp for counted cross stitchingJul 07, 2011
By Amazon Customer
I love being able to see the fabric of my counted cross stitching projects so well. The magnifier is a great size and the light is bright You have to work at getting the whole thing adjusted to the way you want to use it but once that is done your "settings" stay put. The clamp is very deep so it can be attached to a good range of thick to thin side tables. The lamp is heavy so if you use a floor stand to hold your stitching frame it needs to be very sturdy and stable. I don't think it would be suitable for a "sit on it" style frame holder. In all I am very happy with it and am enjoying stitching again.

17 of 17 found the following review helpful:

1worthless junkFeb 22, 2014
By stevesxm
the first one lasted 7 months. the second one lasted 1 week. they are sending me a replacement but i'm not holding my breath that its going to be any better...

35 of 40 found the following review helpful:

2Doesn't last longNov 11, 2011
By Leanne
UPDATE ON 5-10-13: I originally gave this lamp five stars, but it stopped working after owning it for about eighteen months. It started giving out in two stages. At first, the arm was giving me problems, so I had to Superglue the arm to get it to stay in one position. A few months later, the light would flicker while I was working, and I'd constantly have to move it to get the light to stay on. Last weekend, it gave out completely. The warranty on this is only for 12 months. For something this expensive to last such a short period of time is upsetting, and I don't recommend purchasing this.


My main hobby is jewelry making with small seed beads, and, during a recent class, I noticed that the bead store I was at carried some Daylight brand magnifiers on small stands. Intrigued, I asked several beaders in class who were using them, and they all said that it was a lifesaver for them.

I decided to order this one that has both the lamp and the magnifier built in since I wanted the seven-inch lens and the stand-alone magnifiers only had a five-inch lens. I already had an Ott Lite (that I've had for almost eight years), so wasn't sure that I needed the built-in light, too, but I am so glad that I ordered this one! Since my Ott Lite took up space on my desk and this Daylight lamp clamps onto the edge of the desk, I've freed up some valuable work space.

When this first arrived, I had it out of the box and set up within five minutes. You just need to adjust the clamp onto the edge of your desk so it's nice and sturdy, and then just drop the lamp base into a hole in the clamp. I ended up re-positioning it to a better spot on my desk, and it was simple and easy to use.

The magnification on this is excellent (especially for my forty-year-old eyes!), and I've found that I don't even need to use my reading glasses when I bead using this. It feels like there is a bit of distortion when you first use it, but it just takes some getting used to.

Also, this doesn't come with a dust cover like some of the smaller Daylight lamps do, but I keep a cute towel on it to keep the dust off of the lens.

Overall, this is a great product! I wish I had picked one up years ago!

12 of 13 found the following review helpful:

5Great Combination of Natural Light & MagnifierDec 19, 2012
By ETD in Atlanta "ETD in Atlanta"
I paint and draw in color - often working at night when I have to rely on artificial lighting. This light allows me to judge colors accurately when I mix them, which is important, so I'm not surprised when I look at the artwork the next day. Moreover, the 7" magnifying glass is great for my eyes since my artwork often involves fine detail. And, like another reviewer noted, the magnifying glass allows enough space for my paint brushes (mostly short-handle) and drawing implements. I thought perhaps I "overdid it" getting the 7" magnifying glass rather than the 5" one, but now that I've used it for several months, I'm glad I DID get the larger magnifying glass. When it is not in use I put a lint-proof cloth over the lens to protect it and to prevent any potential problems from sunlight shining through the magnifying glass and perhaps starting a small fire or something. ;-) Wish I had bought this lamp much sooner.

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