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Mr Beams MB360 Wireless LED Spotlight with Motion Sensor and Photocell - Weatherproof - Battery Operated - 140 Lumens
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Mr Beams MB360 Wireless LED Spotlight with Motion Sensor and Photocell - Weatherproof - Battery Operated - 140 Lumens

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The wireless, motion sensor, LED spotlight by Mr Beams requires no wiring! Simply insert batteries and attach to any surface. These are fantastic and bright outdoor security lights for yard, doorways, garage, and playground.


Extremely bright LED with minimum power consumption, 140 Lumens

Motion sensor turns LED spotlight on and off automatically

Features a weatherproof design for durability

Simple wireless installation in minutes

Provides 350 square feet of coverage, battery operated

Product Details:
Product Length: 4.72 inches
Product Width: 3.54 inches
Product Height: 6.69 inches
Product Weight: 0.6 pounds
Package Length: 6.85 inches
Package Width: 4.8 inches
Package Height: 3.94 inches
Package Weight: 0.62 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 4880 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.5 ( 4880 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

287 of 289 found the following review helpful:

5Better Than ExpectedDec 03, 2011
By F. Moreau
Just finished installing four of these lights around my home. I am very pleased with the brightness of the light and the size of the area lighted. While they are not as bright as the ad photos might indicate, they are bright enough for me to read 8 point type in an old Bible fairly easily. Probably the best description of light is a very white with about four times the intensity of a bright full moon. (I uploaded a couple of photos to show the effectiveness of the lights.)

I mounted my lights about twelve feet off the ground and angled out a little. This makes an oval of light that is about twenty-one by thirty feet. These give me the light where I need it and a much cheaper than having an electrician wire my home for just one light.

The motion detection area exceeds the lighted area by a few degrees and is sensitive enough to detect my cat when he runs through the area, but not when he walks through. Time will tell how long these lights last and the duration of the batteries.

Wish I had discovered these lights a few years ago. The price just went up $3.50 each to $24.99, but I'd probably still buy them although with this much difference I might opt for the similar Dorcy units.

Update 10-26-2013:
The lights I originally installed are still functioning just fine. The batteries seem to last a little over a year in the units that are activated the most. Making it a habit to replace the batteries in late fall each year and I will have no worries all winter.

1449 of 1485 found the following review helpful:

5Good sensor, okay light, pretty easy installJan 01, 2011
By 2010SoCal
I installed this in the front yard near the front door. There's not a tremendous amount of light, such as for security purposes, but it's good for the sole purpose of making sure you don't bump into anything. The sensor seems pretty sharp, when I drive up in my car it goes off just pulling into my driveway. The install was pretty easy, but I feel like it has kind of a clumsy look or something. It's just personal preference though. I bought this one and also the Fulcrum Products Light-It 6 LED Porch Light with Motion Sensor for the back yard. I would give each the same type of review, except that I prefer the look of the Fulcrum and the install was easier.

Update March 25: It's still working, no battery changes yet. The Fulcrum light stopped working after a couple months.

Update June 10: It's still working, no battery changes yet. I'm buying another one for the backyard to replace the Fulcrum.

518 of 532 found the following review helpful:

5So far great product...Sep 21, 2010
By Gerry
I rely heavily on other reviews so I endeavor to give back.

This product works as advertised. I use it to light up a fenced in corner of my yard that I store garbage cans in. It lights things up very well, more than suitable for security. I was concerned with an LED spotlight but it exceeds my expectations. The device itself is plastic as expected, and about what I expected in weight and feel. Doesnt feel like junk but not a solid peice of machinery either. Been using for several weeks and rain has not been an issue, who knows what happens over time. Also not seen the cold temps yet but I have every reason to believe there will be no issues.
Lastly the motion detecter really soon as I approach the corner it pops on.

I will buy more of these....

Update coming up on 2 years and this device is still going strong and on the same batteries that were installed out of the box new. The area is not high traffic for sure but it gets used daily at least.

Update November 2013: Still Great, just changed from 4 to 5 stars. I now have 4 of these around my fenced yard for both security and for my dog at night. As she wanders around the yard the lights pick her up and I think it is helpful as she is getting up in years. Also when I need to bring find her at night all I need to do is look where the light is lit. We actually play frisbee after dark and this light the way for her. I have a few mounted about 10 feet up on an Oak tree and the sensor works great, even at a 90 degree angle it picks me or my dog up. Buy without hesitation.

399 of 418 found the following review helpful:

5I need 10 of these!!!!Oct 01, 2008
By Darby Bercu "Single Mom"
How did I live without this product? There are so many dark places around my house that I never wanted to pay an electrician to wire. Just take one of these Spotlights, put the batteries in, attach with two screws and you have light! And it's bright! It has motion detector so the light goes on only when my dog or I walk by. Otherwise you don't have to worry about leaving it on and wasting electricity. Great idea - great product!

191 of 207 found the following review helpful:

5bright light, good battery life, great for camping!Sep 10, 2011
By Mink Creek
At the outset let me say that I like this light very much. Because we found such an oddball way to use it, I wrote the review with a little humor. I hope you enjoy it and that it conveys our enjoyment of Mr Beams.

I am a big fan of LED light because of its brightness to power ratio. However, most LED lights and light bulbs are not quite "up to standard" or are extremely expensive compared to other methods of producing light. I wanted lights to put into a wooded area by my house for aesthetic, safety and deer deterrent reasons. I selected this model based on good reviews and because it was inexpensive and had settings for sensing and for continuous light.

The light turned out to be so bright in my wooded yard it looks like the police are out trying to find a burglar deer in my woods.I tried several angles and can say that these lights are too intense to use for aesthetic purposes even in a large area like the large forest I have. They are fantastic as a safety light. Installed by a door or at a distance from where you need to see such as your driveway they are excellent.

Now, here is the kicker. We were going camping and I could not find enough lantern light to be practical for a long camping trip. Because I had one sitting there, I grabbed up my Mr Beams and took him camping. What an amazing thing! To use Mr Beams in the "camping mode" take the bottom stake off of the unit and attach a bungee cord to the base. A standard one fits snugly around base of the light.

The ways to use Mr. Beams are myriad. We used him in our screen house for general light. I could not get it to sit pointing up so I grabbed a small plastic kitchen box and put it in there using a bandanna as a cushion. It does go off after a bit (you can adjust the length of time it stays on). When it went off, we would either enjoy the romantic low light from our other lantern or someone just waved a hand in the direction of Mr. Beam. I suppose it would have been hilarious to others to see us sitting there at the picnic table reading and every 3 or 4 minutes someone waved their hand in the air ;-). It did not bother us at all. After a few days it became automatic.

Another way we used Mr Beams was to light to the "kitchen" area so that the poor soul who drew KP duty had brilliant light in which to perform their duties. We hung Mr Beams for this application. With the bungee cord hook you can hang it from multiple places like a tree or what have you. We also used Mr Beams to set up our tent when we arrived late into a campground after dark. If you use it like this, make sure to turn the beam away from your camping neighbors or they will think the sheriff has come looking for them.

Another use I enjoyed was putting the light by my sleeping bag so that the motion sensor was pointed away from me. I balanced Mr Beams in the usual detritus that builds up on the corner of a tent. (This is very helpful if you need spousal points, remind them that your detritus is to hold Mr Beam, not just your bad housekeeping.) At any rate, if you need light in the middle of the night you just wave your hand. This made it much easier to attend to "the necessary" or some other mid-night adjustments like adding clothes since the temperature suddenly dropped 20 degrees. Mr Beam goes off automatically so you can just go back to sleep and not worry about it. A final use we thought of, which we were ever so thankful we did not need, was to help you see what was crashing down on you from the forest. While thankfully it did not happen, we often camp in Grizzly Bear country and I suspect it would be a big comfort to me if I could see whether that crashing about I head was a bear or a deer running. I suspect a bear would not being "Mr Beamed" while I grabbed my pepper spray--and prayed of course :-).

So, all in all this is a wonderful thing. Mr Beams has become a member of the family--"Do you know where Mr Beams went?" "Mr Beams can help, let me get him....." He runs a long time on the batteries (3 D-cells). It runs a long time even when it is cold (we were camping in weathers in the 20s). It is very bright. I did not use it as planned but discovered it was the best thing since sliced bread when camping!

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