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LeapFrog My Pal Scout
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LeapFrog My Pal Scout

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Leapfrog Enterprises 19156 Inflatable Learning Item 19156 Learning


Connect Scout to your smart phone, tablet or computer for easy personalization while he's still in the box.

Teach Scout your child's name and favorite things for personalized learning in 15+ activities.

Listen along to 40+ learning songs, melodies and lullabies, for active daytime fun and nighttime soothing.

Teaches first words, feelings and emotions, colors and counting.

Ages 6-36 months.

Style or version may vary

Product Details:
Product Length: 10.5 inches
Product Width: 9.5 inches
Product Height: 6.5 inches
Product Weight: 1.7 pounds
Package Length: 11.57 inches
Package Width: 9.37 inches
Package Height: 6.14 inches
Package Weight: 1.46 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 2051 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.5 ( 2051 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

68 of 69 found the following review helpful:

2Warning! This is a downgraded version from older Scout/Violet models!Mar 05, 2015
By B. Diaz
My son has had Scout for about 2 years and he loves it. So when a friend's daughter needed a birthday present, we decided on Violet. When Violet arrived, I attempted to customize, and I noticed some significant differences with the newer model.

1) NO CHEST HEARTS. They have removed the button on the chest, which contained most of the "feelings." That's the button that is pressed when you hug Scout/Violet, and now when you hug it, nothing happens.

2) NO CUSTOMIZABLE SONGS. With Scout, we had the option to choose from several different songs, including Christmas songs. The new version doesn't give you that option. You're stuck with whatever songs come by default.

3) NO USB CORD. This is actually a good thing, since you don't have to look for a USB cord to customize. Instead, you plug the attached cord into your phone or computer's headphone jack. This is probable the only improvement in the new version.

4) LARGER BATTERY PACK. The new version's battery pack is larger than the old version's, and it's harder to stuff into the toy's back. And when it's in, it's easier to feel, making Violet less enjoyable to squeeze. After 2 years, Scout's back velcro is wearing out a bit, and I imagine that the new version will be even less durable since there's more pressure on it. The velcro opening is actually larger in the new version, but it just opens higher up on Violet's neck, though the battery pack is too large to fit in that space.

Still, it's a fun toy, but I'm disappointed that Leapfrog would change the product for the worse.

120 of 132 found the following review helpful:

4Lots of Potential with Online CustomizationJun 02, 2009
By Emily M. Vose
My year old son got this for his birthday and although he loves it and it is a neat toy, it really could have been technically executed a little better. I am hoping they send out updates via the USB cord to make his speech a little bit smoother and that they enhance the variety of "elevator" music available

The USB cable that comes with Scout is incredibly short and I would recommend a second mini USB cable if you do not already have one for another computer peripheral. The customization process was straight forward and we had him done quickly. My only complaint is that you have to create a user account and the Internet is required but that's a minor compliant since Scout ships able to be interactive without being customized. Additionally, Scout has volume control on his battery box and is not obnoxiously loud even on his highest volume

Scout is very, very soft and even with the battery box in his trunk, the puppy's body is soft and cuddly. My son spends a lot of his play time with Scout hugging him and petting him.

Scout has three main features - Play games, Sing Songs, and Night Songs (the fourth paw is on and off):
- The Play Games paw just chatters with your child. Asking him what his favorite color, animal and food is - Scout and Baby have the same ones after you program them. Scout also makes animal noises, talks about feelings "I feel happy, show me your biggest smile!" and engages your child in direct dialog.
- The songs Scout sings are cute and the choices you make when customizing show up in the songs he sings. Poor technical integration is shown when any of the customized items appear in the songs - Scout sounds like he has a speech problem because the tamper and inflection of the customized objects does not match the song being sung. Also, the only music you can customize in this section is elevator music. I would like to see songs with words, more known children's songs (very surprised not to see "Baby Beluga") or the ability to add your own music to Scout.
- The Night Songs paw is pretty cool. You click it once and it does 2 mins of the "night" music you choose when customizing continuously. Press it again, you get 5; once more and you get 10. Although our guy doesn't have problems sleeping, it might be a nice touch if your little one has some problems sleeping or being alone in the quiet.

All in all, our only real concern is that Scout might be the first toy he has worthy of being "that" toy he can't live without! We have a competitors talking puppy that drives us up the wall ("TUMMY!").

If you are looking for a chatty puppy - Get Scout or Violet.

57 of 60 found the following review helpful:

5Awesome toy!Oct 06, 2009
By S. Waldrop
We got this toy for my one-year-old and she loves it! You can program in your child's name, favorite color, favorite animal, and favorite food. You can also select five songs for it to play and five different lullabyes (for a total of ten personalized songs). My little one's favorite song is the one that spells her name. The toy is just AWESOME!

104 of 122 found the following review helpful:

4cut and cuddlyOct 20, 2009
By Mommy411
I agree with other reviewers, not much to complain about for a customizable toy for under $20.00.

1) One of the songs Scout sings is really super cute. It's the one that incorporates your child's favorites. When I sing along with Scout my son giggles, it's so darn adorable.

2) I have a glowworm that plays nighttime music for like 15 seconds, not long enough. Scout plays up to 10 minutes - GREAT FEATURE!

3) Scout is very soft and huggable.

4) When my son recognizes his name I'm sure he'll appreciate it more, but for now, it's just, well, cool to hear his name come from a toy. Gotta love technology.

1) You have to choose a favorite animal, color and food during set up. He's six months old - I don't think he has favorites at this point, and if he did, how am I supposed to know what they are? I just put in any old thing for now. When I want to change them, I have to plug Scout in and download new options. It should just have all the colors and foods and animals programmed in instead of "What's your favorite?".

2) There is a pretty bad inflection at the end of my son's name (Christian). I have not tried putting other names in there to see what they sound like, but his sounds a little weird.

3) "Let's sing a song about you". Hmm, well, all it does is spell his name with a funky beat behind it. He seems to like it though.

Overall my son seems to like Scout a lot. When he hears his voice he immediately looks for him and smiles when he finds him. The things I don't like about it really don't matter because the toy is not for me, it's for my son and he likes it just fine. For the price, a definite buy.

39 of 45 found the following review helpful:

1Leapfrog Won't Support This ToyJan 23, 2012
By L. Davenport "mrsbill29"
I decided to write this review after weeks of trying to deal with Leapfrog after the toy would NOT Sync. My 3yo daughter was so excited about her Violet and it would have been great had it worked. I continually got Error Code 400 (audio files would not download) every time I tried to sync it. After spending hours trying to sync it and download the software on two different computers, it still would not work. So, I emailed support at Leapfrog only to get a rehashing of what I had already tried. The response time from Leapfrog took at least 3 days or more between emails (between every email I sent). Finally, I decided to call the company only to be put on hold and to be put in touch with an incompetent support person who promised to email me with information to collect log files from my computer. Did I receive this email? No! So, after another two days of waiting, I called the company again and another support person finally sent me the email to collect the log files. I followed his instructions and sure enough the log files proved that the toy DID NOT work! I was supposed to receive a new toy, but then I was told I had to physically deface the product, take a picture of it, and then email the picture to Leapfrog in order to get a replacement. All this after I had already spent HOURS and DAYS trying to get support! I decided it wasn't worth my time to go through another hour defacing and picture sending over a $25 toy. Leapfrog should honor its products and make it right when the toy doesn't work. The hassle I had to go through, and this toy in particular, is just not worth it.

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