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Lasko #2554 42-Inch Wind Curve Fan with Remote
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Lasko #2554 42-Inch Wind Curve Fan with Remote

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Lasko's innovative #2554 Wind Curve fan allows you to sit back, relax and take a breath of fresh air. With its sophisticated Profile, Fresh Air Ionizer technology and oscillation, this fan provides fresh air throughout your entire room. Ideal in your home or in the workplace, the Wind Curve utilizes minimal space while providing maximum air distribution. You’ll wonder how you ever got along without it!


Multi-function remote control

High-reaching tower design for maximum air delivery

Convenient electronic timer can be set from 0.5 - 7.5 Hours

3 Quiet Speeds

ETL listed. Patented fused safety plug.

Product Details:
Product Length: 13.0 inches
Product Width: 13.0 inches
Product Height: 42.5 inches
Product Weight: 12.2 pounds
Package Length: 43.2 inches
Package Width: 9.6 inches
Package Height: 8.2 inches
Package Weight: 12.82 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 2047 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.5 ( 2047 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

378 of 397 found the following review helpful:

5Great FanAug 14, 2006
By K. Steffen
I liked the looks of this fan, read the other reviews and decided to try it. The fan is not noisy at all which is what I wanted because I watch TV in the room it is in. But I also wanted it to cool the room quickly. The ionizer is plus because it also takes care of the smells from the kitchen that carry into this room. The remote is a plus! Easy to assemble, easy to use, has a remote, is quite, and helps with odors.

420 of 443 found the following review helpful:

4Don't expect a lot of wind, but it is a safe option.Jun 13, 2012
By Kat May "One Puzzled Mom"
We have only had this fan now for about a week. I will come back and update my review as time passes, but I wanted to get some info out there.

I have a toddler and an infant.

Why I was not looking for a fan with blades:

Fans with blades can be a danger, but so can the heat, so I decided on a tower style fan for our rather small apartment. Standing fans we have had in the past were easily tipped and the front metal plate or sometimes plastic was quick to pop off as it hit the floor blade still going strong. Very scary when your child is just 2 and has tipped the fan.

My experience so far:

*auto shut off

The first day I was quite worried as the fan had tipped (my husband the larger child in the home was playing with it) and it would not turn back on. I became very worried. I unplugged it and plugged it back in. Sure enough this fan has a safety so that if it is tipped it will turn off.


So far the baby has tackled it with his 26lb body and it has held up. It is just tall enough that my toddler can't yet push the buttons.


I didn't really care if the fan was quiet or not, but it was an added bonus that it is very quiet compared to our Lasko box fan. If you aren't looking at the fan you would never know that it is rotating. Also make sure you get the screws in the right place. The diagram is poorly labeled. That may be the problem with some of the fans people are having noise with. There are more holes than there are screws and the diagram suggests that they go into holes that they really don't belong in. I will include a picture of the base so you can see.

*cooling factor

I was disappointed with the amount of air that it moved, and had I reviewed it on day 1 I would have only given it a 3 stars for that, but I have come to realize that while the air it moves isn't much, the air always blows out cool.

I find that on hot humid summer days some fans are just blowing around the hot air. I was surprised to find that this fan seems to always have cool air. No idea how but it does.

It also does a much better job cooling a room if you always have it on rotate. If not the air just kind of stagnates.


I was very worried when it arrived as it was in the thin box the fan comes in rather than amazon packaging. It already had holes in it. I will be reviewing in my order the packaging as well and I suggest others do the same so they start packing it better.

*ion thing

Tried it doesn't seem to change anything other than a blue light comes on. I have no idea what it actually does. Again bought this fan for safety reasons.


I am pleased and hope to buy another when funds allow.

Update: It has been about a month now and while my toddler has tackled this fan with his full body weight it is still fully functioning. It has only actually crashed once of the many times hitting wood laminate floors. Now that the weather is warmer it is still blowing cooler air than any other fan in our home.

Update: One year later; it is still running great and quietly. The toddler has finally stopped tackling it, but it has survived several falls over the year.

Update: It is now June 2014 and we own two of these fans and both are going strong despite a toddler and autistic 6 year old who can now reach the buttons. They also survived a trip in a moving truck to our new home. We have more of an open floor plan now, so two doesn't really cut it for the kitchen/dining room/living room space. The air kind of gets lost, so what I do to help them better cool a room is put them on opposite corners and face them at each other. I plan to buy one more so I can have one in every room in the open space. It also doesn't help that our new home has very old crank windows that only open at an angle and only so far.

351 of 370 found the following review helpful:

5Cool fanJul 31, 2011
By Kathy Cunningham
The LASKO 42-INCH WIND CURVE tower fan is a good, reliable fan that does an excellent job cooling our large family room. The recent heat wave (still going on here in Maryland) sent me in search of a fan to supplement our air conditioning and ceiling fan. After reading tons of reviews here on Amazon, I settled on this one - and so far I'm pleased.

1) The fan comes assembled - only the base needs to be attached (you'll need a Phillips-head screwdriver). I had no trouble getting the two halves of the base to fit together, and then attaching it to the fan itself. The instructions are clear. No problems at all.

2) Operating the fan is easy - whether with the remote control (included) or by using the buttons on the top of the fan. You will need to pick up two AAA batteries for the remote. The buttons are coded with icons to make it easy to turn on the fan, switch speeds, and add oscillation or the ionizer feature.

3) Great job circulating air, with or without using oscillation -- when combined with the ceiling fan in our family room, it really does feel like we're surrounded with comfortable spring breezes!

4) Very, very quiet - in fact, it's much quieter than the little $20 fans we've placed around the room in the past to circulate the air. I hardly notice that it's on at all.

1) It's a bit large and a tad top-heavy - the base is light-weight plastic, which makes the fan seem a bit top-heavy, especially on thick carpet. So far, we haven't had a problem with this, but I could see it falling over easily if someone bumped into it.

2) Oscillation range is fairly small -- it works fine for two people sitting on the sofa watching TV, but it isn't a wide enough range to effectively reach an entire room full of people. It works for us, since it's usually just my husband and myself. But if you're looking for something that oscillates from one side of the room to the other, this might not be the fan for you.

That's about it - if you're looking for a good fan for a reasonable price, I suggest ordering one of these. It's classy-looking too!

142 of 155 found the following review helpful:

4Great quality, sucky remoteApr 12, 2012
By RD "RD"
One of the other reviewers mentioned that this fan's remote only works if you aim the remote directly at the fan and that you aren't too far away. Wow, were they ever right. You have to aim the remote dead on to the sensor to get it to work, often times pushing the button several times before it does work. We've moved the fan now so that it is past the foot of the bed and I can't use the remote anymore. The fan is too far away. If I want to use the remote in bed, I have to slide all the way to the bottom corner of the bed, lean forward and aim the remote directly at the fan's sensor. It's not worth it anymore, now I just get out of bed to turn it on and off. Kind of defeats the purpose of having the remote.
Now, the pros is that it looks great, the sound is even and on the quieter side (but we like the white noise when we sleep), and fairly powerful air movement. You can direct the air pretty accurately. I still feel a great breeze even though it is kinda far away from the bed.
The ION feature is really nice and even seems to cool the air in addition to filtering it.

Another note: the "ION" light is REALLY bright. It was like having a nightlight in our bedroom. Additionally, the plastic cover that goes over the light and indicator panel is kind of transparent, so when I tried covering the light with electrical tape I realized the light isn't just coming out of the "light hole," it's also coming out most of the transparent plastic cover too, which is kinda large. I ended up having to cover about half of the indicator panel with electrical tape and I can still see the light. I wish it would just go off after a certain period of being on, but no such luck. I'm sure me having to use that much electrical tape (which fortunately blends in well) doesn't help the remote sensor issue.

42 of 43 found the following review helpful:

5Massive and effective!Jan 12, 2015
By Elisabeth
Can I properly emphasize how massive this fan is? When the mailroom guy wheeled the box in, I about died. This is not just any old fan. This thing is a virtual piece of furniture! The wonderful cool breeze it creates in my office is enough to cool an entire apartment (if there weren't so many walls involved). I might have used a hammer to kill a small bug, but this baby can really cool a place down quick! I love the remote control and the timer. Be aware that you will need a Philips head screwdriver to assemble the base, but it is very easy.

We are undergoing some engineering issues at my office and so I purchased this fan to transform my office from a virtual sauna to a place where I can stay awake to work. I read the review of this fan and decided it was the best option. I guess that I should have paid better attention to the specs. I'm thinking that even if the building engineers manage to properly regulate the heat in my office, this baby is going to come in handy big time once I hit menopause!

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