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Hosa Cable CMP105 1/8 Inch TRS to 1/4 Inch TS Cable - 5 Foot
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Hosa Cable CMP105 1/8 Inch TRS to 1/4 Inch TS Cable - 5 Foot

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The Hosa CMP100 Series cable sums stereo to mono in one direction, or applies a mono signal equally to the left and right in the other direction. This Hosa cable is great for sending the stereo signal from a portable CD player to a single mixer channel. For 20 Years, Hosa has provided a cost effective solution to the cabling needs of musicians, engineers, and audio and video enthusiasts the world over. In an effort to further meet those needs, Hosa continues to add new products that make the creative individual's life easier. Indeed, much of what Hosa offers is the direct result of suggestions made by customers and retailers.


Length: 5 ft

Left Connector(s): 1 x phone mono 6.3 mm - male

Right Connector(s): 1 x mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm - male

Product Details:
Product Length: 0.02 inches
Product Width: 0.02 inches
Product Height: 0.02 inches
Product Weight: 0.02 pounds
Package Length: 9.5 inches
Package Width: 4.0 inches
Package Height: 1.5 inches
Package Weight: 0.15 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 240 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.5 ( 240 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

54 of 59 found the following review helpful:

1Use with cautionJan 22, 2013
By Richard A Rudolph
Right from the manufactures web site: "This cable is designed to apply a mono signal equally to a mini stereo phone input. It may be used to connect a mixing console to a portable media player, laptop, or similar device" on the package it states "This cable is designed to sum a stereo signal to a mono phone input. It may be used to connect an iPod, laptop, or similar device to a mixing console." Pay attention to the direction of the signal flow. There seems to be some confusion here.

The problem is that the cable "sums" the stereo signal by shorting out the positives of the right and left channels (the ring and tip of the stereo jack are directly connected (soldered) together). This could burnout the stereo output stage of the device, especially if it is not designed to handle shorts.

A resistive load must be presented between the positives of the right and left channels in order to sum the two signals together and prevent stereo output stage burnout.

The manufactures website presents this cable to be a mono output to a stereo input connect. The cable is physically manufactured to support this direction of signal flow. Mono (output) to stereo (input) NOT stereo (output) to mono (input).

I would give this cable 5 stars if it were sold as a mono (output) to stereo (input) connect.

Manufactures Website URL:
Diagram of a properly summed signal:
Right Channel Output Positive (+) -----/\/\/\/\/-----
------- Summed Output Positive (+)
Left Channel Output Positive (+) -----/\/\/\/\/-----

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3Mono to Stereo Interconnect Not for Stereo to MonoOct 12, 2013
By James A. Wilber "Indy Reviewer"
According to the manufacturer, "This cable is designed to apply a mono signal equally to a mini stereo phone input. It may be used to connect a mixing console to a portable media player, laptop, or similar device." That means the tip and ring of the 1/8" stereo (TRS) plug are shorted together and connected to the tip of the 1/4" plug. When the 1/4" mono (TS) plug is inserted into a mono source, the signal is applied equally to the L and R inputs of a device.

Although many reviewers say this works fine for converting a stereo source to mono this is not the proper way for most equipment. If the L and R outputs are low impedance, a large current circulates between the outputs when they are shorted together. The minimum load impedance specification is usually violated by this connection. The result cold be distortion and excessive power dissipation in the output stages when the L and R signals are different, especially for large signals. The proper way to combine the L and R signals for input to equipment with a mono input is with a passive mixer. You can find suggested circuits with a search, but I do not know of anything you can buy ready-made.

You can check the manufacturer's description here:

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4Works great - maybe I should have got a longer one?Mar 25, 2011
By A. Lewis
I use this to connect my Fender Strat directly to my iMac (2008 model), and use with Garageband. It works perfectly. I get all the amps and pedal effects built in to Garageband - the only hardware I own is the Mac and the guitar!

It's not as 'beefy' a cable as what a musician would expect, but it fits right and does the job. I might prefer a much longer one so I can play guitar farther away from the computer, and not worrying about yanking the cable...but it's easy to extend.

6 of 6 found the following review helpful:

5Use for connecting iPhone to amp or radioFeb 19, 2013
By Allison Cummins
I have many of these cables to connect my iPhone or iPad to an amp or radio. I find it works better than having the more expensive blue tooth devices.

4 of 4 found the following review helpful:

4Works, flexible, affordableMay 09, 2011
By Aaron C
This cable is great if you're trying to connect/convert any Stereo source to any Mono input and vice versa. I use it to connect a laptop to a direct box and also an aux send from a professional mixer to the line in on a laptop (for recording).

Stereo to Mono summing direct boxes cost $70+; this cable is a great alternative for anyone on a budget. Great for connecting iPods and other mp3 players to a mono direct box or line input on a professional mixer.

The cable itself has cheap connectors, is thin (size of a normal headphone cord), but VERY flexible. Can't beat it for the price!

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