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HoMedics SS-2000 Sound Spa Relaxation Sound Machine with 6 Nature Sounds, Silver
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HoMedics SS-2000 Sound Spa Relaxation Sound Machine with 6 Nature Sounds, Silver

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Turn any room in your house into a relaxation spa with the sound machine. Bring clarity of mind throuth the 6 nature sounds, ocean, summer night, rain, rain forest, waterfall and heartbeat--which is great for a baby's room. Great for travel using batteries or take along the home adaptor.


6 Nature sounds, ocean, summer night, rain, rain forest, waterfall and heart beat.

15, 30 and 60 minute auto off timer

Battery or adaptor operated (adaptor included)

Natural sleep aid

Great for the baby's room

Product Details:
Product Length: 10.0 inches
Product Width: 2.25 inches
Product Height: 7.5 inches
Product Weight: 0.08 pounds
Package Length: 10.1 inches
Package Width: 7.6 inches
Package Height: 2.3 inches
Package Weight: 1.2 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 902 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 3.5 ( 902 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

246 of 255 found the following review helpful:

4Relaxation soundsMar 19, 2007
By K. Ray
Not a bad little machine. The sound loop for the 6 sounds is pretty good, if you listen (actually listen) to the loop, you can find where it starts repeating. The only thing I didn't like about this machine is that the lights for the on/off and timer are a bit bright! I solve this by putting a small towel over the area. Also, you have to remember to shut it off, or the batteries will wear out quickly! (I'm in Europe and can't use the AC plug.) Other than this, I would recommend it for people who want to either block out surrounding sounds (from outside mostly) or don't like to fall asleep with total quiet.

204 of 211 found the following review helpful:

5A fine little machineMay 12, 2007
By Daniel R. Paner "That's an awful big mustache..."
A fine little machine. Does what it says it should do and does it well. There are a variety of quality sounds all relaxing. The heartbeat sound is a bit creepy, but for some that may be ok. The sounds of the ocean are our favorite, though you do hear seagulls in the background. The sound quality is excellent and fills a room nicely. The addition of the timer or unlimited play is helpful. A good little machine.


- Quality sound, both in volume and content

- Timer feature or unlimited play

- Small form factor

- Inexpensive


- Sounds are repetitive (though not distractingly so)

- The heartbeat is a bit creepy, perhaps for some

108 of 115 found the following review helpful:

3Great idea, not great qualityJan 03, 2007
By Tessa Williams Simpson "Tessa"
I love the idea behind this, it is a basic white nosie maker to drown out noise for our daughter to sleep, even camping since it runs on a couple of batteries! But after only a started shorting out...we can still coerce it to work..but I know we eventually won;t be able to. Bummer!

51 of 55 found the following review helpful:

4White Noise for BabySep 07, 2008
By corywrites "Cory Writes"
Our family has really benefitted from this white noise machine. We love it because it helps our baby son sleep soundly in our house and it makes a new environment feel familiar to him since we take it with us wherever we go for overnight trips. During nap time, it drowns out the dog's barking and he sleeps right through ringing phones, conversation noise and traffic noise too. When I'm in need of an emergency nap, I use it myself to help shush away thoughts and songs stuck in my head...or just noise around the house that might distract me from getting a few zzzzz-s. I've bought this item for a few "new mama" friends and they love it too. It's better than other brands because the volume goes pretty high, which is necessary for an infant who actually prefers a noisy sleeping environment. We had one before this one, and it was way too gentle and quiet. As soon as we switched to the Homedics brand, our baby's sleeping changed for the better! The only thing that could be improved about this product is that the cord is pretty sensitive and if it's not firmly connected to the wall or the unit, it will sometimes cut off with no warning.

32 of 33 found the following review helpful:

2I want to beat this thing with a hammer.Oct 23, 2011
By Betsy V Swenson
Let me start out by saying we have been using this particular model since our oldest child was born almost six years ago. The sound selection is great, and the white noise it produces has been wonderful for all three of our kids during the baby phase, and thereafter. My husband and I love it, too. We prefer the waterfall sound.

That said. It's kind of a piece of crap. It doesn't take but a few months before it starts shorting out, and then it will cut out for a few minutes and then cut back on, and the baby will wake up because of it, and you will LOSE YOUR MIND. Actually, that very thing is happening in my house right this very minute, which is when I decided to log on to Amazon and spew my venom in a productive manner. I put the baby to bed about an hour ago, and the stupid noise machine keeps cutting off and then restarting, and the baby starts crying, and I am now on my third beer because of this situation.

I figure you get what you pay for, and we haven't wanted to pay much, so we've just been toughing it out with this thing (buying it and rebuying it) for the past several years. I have no idea how many of them we've tossed and replaced, and now I am seriously kicking myself for not buying a better product after throwing out the third or fourth one. Oh, well. Hindsight and all.

Spare yourself the rage. Spend more money and buy yourself a machine that won't crap out in a few months. Especially if you're using it for your kid.

Sound is nice.
Can get pretty loud.

Doesn't take long before it starts shorting out.
Will wake your baby by shorting out.
You will want to crush this thing with a hammer when it shorts out and wakes your baby for the eleventy billionth time.

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