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Grandrich  ES-201  EZ Reader Table Lamp w/ 27w Fluorescent Bulb
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Grandrich ES-201 EZ Reader Table Lamp w/ 27w Fluorescent Bulb

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The Grandrich ES-201 27-Watt Full-Spectrum Desk Lamp helps make homework, crafting, reading, and other close-up tasks easier on the eyes. It can be placed on any work surface and offers a bright, comfortable light. Sleek and stylish, with a cool gray finish, this lamp is also Energy Star certified to help cut energy costs and protect the environment.

ES-201 27-Watt Full-Spectrum Desk Lamp At a Glance:
  • Full-spectrum compact-fluorescent lamp simulates brightness of sunlight
  • Energy Star certified
  • Reduces eye strain and provides better contrast for reading
  • Glare free for computer use
  • Includes plug-in 27-watt 4-pin compact-fluorescent bulb
  • 10,000-hour bulb life

The ES-201 simulates the full spectrum and brightness of sunlight and is glare-free.
Simulates Sunlight for Comfortable Lighting
The ES-201 is a compact-fluorescent desk lamp that simulates the brightness of sunlight--which is balanced across the entire spectrum of color visible to the human eye--for clear, bright, and comfortable lighting that's easy on your eyes. It also helps reduce eye strain, provides better contrast and more vivid colors, and creates sharp visibility for more detail. And it's even glare free, making the ES-201 ideal for computer use.

Uses Less Energy to Save Money and Protect the Environment
To help save energy and potentially reduce your electricity bill, the ES-201 includes a plug-in 27-watt four-pin compact-fluorescent bulb with 10,000-hour bulb life. That means it lasts up to 10 times longer than standard incandescent bulbs, yet uses two-thirds less energy than an equivalent 100-watt incandescent bulb. For added convenience, this bulb uses an electronic ballast, so it won't hum or flicker, and it is a safe and cool alternative to incandescent and halogen bulbs.

The ES-201 is also Energy Star and Earth Smart certified, which means it uses less energy than non-certified products and can help save money and protect the environment. In fact, by purchasing products like this energy efficient lamp, families can save about a third on their energy bill with similar savings of greenhouse gas emissions--all without sacrificing performance, style, or comfort.

Adjustable Design
The ES-201 measures 26 inches in height--18 inches when positioned horizontally--with a seven-inch durable plastic base, so it won't crowd your desk, workbench, or shop. To help ensure that the light goes exactly where you need it, this lamp features an adjustable and flexible 9.5-inch gooseneck arm. Operation is simple: to turn on the ES-201, just flip the on/off switch conveniently located directly on the 10-inch shade.

What's in the Box
ES-201 Full-Spectrum Desk Lamp and one plug-in 27-watt four-pin compact-fluorescent bulb.


Fluorescent table lamp

26 inches tall with adjustable gooseneck and on/off switch

Simulates sunlight for clear, bright, comfortable lighting

Earth Smart / Energy Star certified

Includes PL27-watt 4P fluorescent bulb

Product Details:
Product Length: 15.25 inches
Product Width: 13.0 inches
Product Height: 26.0 inches
Product Weight: 22.5 pounds
Package Length: 14.8 inches
Package Width: 8.9 inches
Package Height: 5.3 inches
Package Weight: 5.28 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 90 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.0 ( 90 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

37 of 38 found the following review helpful:

4Good lampAug 10, 2007
By E. S. O. H.
I bought a Verilux lamp last year for reading at home and I have this lamp at the salon over my nail table. This lamp is 99% the same as the brand that costs twice as much. It does not have the cheapy grid like reflector to cover the bulb, but I say why spend 35.00 more to get that crappy feature. I put them side by side and they are the same!!!!!

39 of 41 found the following review helpful:

5Great Lamp!Apr 02, 2006
By CyberDude
I have been very impressed so far with this lamp. Rock solid design. The goose neck is very flexible, and can be moved away to create more space when not in use. The lamp is VERY bright; I have had to move away from the lamp when reading in order to get to a comfortable reading distance. Overall, an excellent product. One of the best purchases I have ever made.

25 of 26 found the following review helpful:

4Good lighting but the lamp design leaves a bit to be desiredOct 30, 2007
By Jonathan Scarpelli
I first want to point out that the main product image does not match the lamp that I received. Check the submitted customer image to see how it really looks. As noted in the product description, the lamp has a computer gray or beige finish. The base and head are beige while the easily flexible neck is a darker shade of gray. The material for the head and the base looks alright, but the flexible neck is sort of ugly and cheap. This is not some stylish executive lamp. I was disappointed with the look of the lamp not matching my black computer system, but I kept it and I am glad that I did.

I have the lamp on top of a small speaker on my desk and next to an LCD monitor. The full spectrum lighting has made reading the screen, books and papers much easier in comparison to my old lamp. The lamp emits little heat and supposedly it is energy efficient. According to the manufacturer, the special bulbs last 5 times longer than normal ones - I would take that claim with a grain of salt so you will want to purchase a few replacement bulbs along with the lamp.

14 of 14 found the following review helpful:

5Good inexpensive product. Nice bright clear light.Sep 08, 2008
By P. Litorovich "Live free or die...."
I ll make it simple. The lamp is good. The light is nice white and clear. Much easier for eyes. I do have very sensitive eyes and after working 8 hours by the PC at my work I need real good light to read. This lamp provides me with that. If it lasts according to specs i would say its a very good buy. The price is right. The quality is good. I am a satisfied buyer. Yes, I do recommend this lamp, especially if you read or study a lot. Save your eyes and go with 27w natural spectrum products like this one. I am planning to substitute all my lamps with natural spectrum ones.

14 of 14 found the following review helpful:

5Grandrich EZ Reader Table LampMar 15, 2006
By Birmanlover
I love the EZ Reader Table Lamp. The natural light bulbs give off a wonderful light for reading or working on the computer. I highly recommend this product and feel that it is a good value for the price.

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