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Conair Sound Therapy Sound Machine
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Conair Sound Therapy Sound Machine

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Relax with the Conair Sound Therapy Sound Machine. Elemental therapy soothes the mind through sounds, rhythm and nature. It features 10 soothing sounds and a 60 minute auto-off timer. It is perfect for creating a relaxing environment or soothing yourself to sleep. It also includes easy volume control.


Elemental therapy to soothe: sounds, rhythm, & nature

10 soothing sounds

60-Minute auto-off timer

Volume control

Battery operated or DC adapter

Product Details:
Product Length: 2.5 inches
Product Width: 5.7 inches
Product Height: 8.8 inches
Product Weight: 1.05 pounds
Package Length: 9.45 inches
Package Width: 5.91 inches
Package Height: 2.83 inches
Package Weight: 1.23 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 2382 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.0 ( 2382 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

839 of 869 found the following review helpful:

4Works Better Than I ThoughtJan 20, 2007
By W. C. Sherman
I bought this as a gift for my boyfriend, who kept complaining that he couldn't get to sleep sometimes because the house was too quiet. I looked at a much more expensive sound therapy machine at the mall, but it didn't have white noise, which is what he said he wanted. I thought this one was awfully cheap, but figured I'd try it before investing in a more expensive one.

We tried it the first night, and we weren't happy with the white noise sound, but love the falling rain and the running stream. A few days later, I ended up stealing it from his side of the bed and putting it on mine, and I love the thing! Within 5 minutes, I am sound asleep. I love the volume control too, which some machines don't have. I'm probably going to buy one for everyone I know for Xmas next year - I'm that happy with it! Great value for the price too. Goes to show you don't always have to spend more to get a great product.

285 of 305 found the following review helpful:

5Great product for people with little ones!Dec 31, 2006
By jilliau
We bought this product to use in our daughter's room (she's less than a year old). We had previously used a small desktop fan on the floor to "white noise" out the house sounds (we have hardwood floors throughout the house and everything sounds like it's happening just outside the door). While the fan was okay, this is MUCH better.

It's smaller, lighter weight and I was happy to get rid of the fan since it cooled the room down considerably (something we didn't need in the middle of winter in New England). We bought a second one for our room. Our home is close to the highway and at night it now feels like we are miles away from the busy road.

I also like the battery/plug option. It'll be handy for when we travel.

This is going to be the baby shower gift I give from now on!

261 of 287 found the following review helpful:

4White noise sounds most like a fan; rain sound is the most natural.Nov 18, 2011
By Squirrel Geek
It does the job in providing ambient noise in a bedroom. It's not going to hide the bumps and noises that vibrate through the house, but sound machines help to make them less noticeable. The concept behind any sound machine is that if you've already got some noise in your ears, all the other sudden noises blend in rather than startle a person awake.

Some notes:

- There's a single red LED light on top, which is not too obtrusive.

- The buttons make a click sound when pressed, so switching sounds while a baby is sleeping is not seamless. I don't recommend doing so.

- At a higher volume, the white noise sound has some distortion and other repetitive noises or ringing that occurs and is annoying if you're paying attention. We liked it at first because it replaced having to run a tabletop fan in the middle of winter, but the distortion got a bit annoying. So either I use it a low volumes, or if I need higher volume, I switch to the rain.

- The rain sound feels the most natural because the steady rain fall is not interrupted by noticeable cycling or repeat seams or other thunder sounds. It sounds like a steady rain is falling outside your windows, but without thunder and lightning.

23 January 2012 Update:

After a few months of usage, I noticed another issue that affects the quality of the sound machine:

If there is another electronic device in the room, the sound machine will occasionally have static. I finally figured out that the cell phones (either a smartphone-iPhone, or a regular primitive cell phone) were causing the interference. It's not immediate, but it's pretty disruptive in the middle of the night when it happens. I have a digital baby monitor camera in the room, too, but that doesn't cause interference, though I think the older radio styles might.

It *is* possible to use a smartphone in the room without causing static noises as long as it is in airplane mode (all Wi-Fi and phone service turned off--for those of you who use your phones as silent vibrating alarm clocks.)

P.S. We've used the sound machine in the same room as an ultrasonic humidifier, and they seem to be compatible with no interference.

55 of 63 found the following review helpful:

5If you need to block out external noiseNov 04, 2006
By Smart Shopping
Nice sound machine. Lots of options, including white noise which is sometimes hard to find on these machines. Love the volume control. That is a big plus. It's also fairly small so it doesn't take up a huge amount of room on my son's dresser.

93 of 110 found the following review helpful:

5Unbeatable Product for the PriceDec 29, 2006
By N. Bilmes "bookaholic"
This device delivers exactly what you want from a White Noise machine. Noise. There are plenty of options, all easily distinguishable, to listen to, and the option to have the noise stop after an hour or continue unabated. Easy instructions and controls make this a great item for the price.

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