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Close Curves® Women's Wet/Dry Shaver
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Close CurvesĀ® Women's Wet/Dry Shaver

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Panasonic's Ladies "Close Curves" Wet /Dry Shavers are packed with smart, innovative, features that deliver a remarkably close comfortable shave and is safe to use in tub or the shower. The ES2207P is a 3-Blade shaving system which means more foils for better coverage and reduced shaving itme. Multiple shaving foils give you the best chance to capture and cut hairs in a single pass and because the heads can "float" up and down independent of the others, all shaving heads can better maintain contact with your skin even as the contours change. Panasonic uses the sharpest blades available which are nickel-free, hypo-allergenic stainless steel blades and foils for sensitive skin. Operates up to 20 minutes on a 12 hour charge. The ES2207P comes equipped with a Pop-up trimmer. Optional accessories include: Foil (WES9775P), Blade (WES9752P) and Set (WES9769P), 5.9"(H) x 2.1"(W) x 1.8"(D), 5.3 oz


3-Blade System captures and cut hairs in a single pass

100% Wet / Dry shaving operation for a close shave that can be used in the tub or shower

Floating Head Shaving System the conforms to the shape of your leg or other body parts for a comfortable shave

Ladies shavers use nickel-free, hypo-allergenic stainless steel blades and foils for sensitive skin

Optional accessories include: Foil (WES9775P), Blade (WES9752P) and Set (WES9769P), 5.9"(H) x 2.1"(W) x 1.8"(D), 5.3 oz

Product Details:
Product Length: 4.75 inches
Product Width: 3.0 inches
Product Height: 11.0 inches
Product Weight: 0.33 pounds
Package Length: 9.0 inches
Package Width: 4.8 inches
Package Height: 3.3 inches
Package Weight: 0.9 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 2608 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.0 ( 2608 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

2080 of 2102 found the following review helpful:

5Works great if you use it correctly!Feb 02, 2012
By rainy
I've read so many complaints about this and other electric shavers that I thought I ought to clarify a few things and help everyone get a smooth, non-injurious shave.

First a heads-up: you will never get quite as smooth with an electric shaver than you will with a razor, but you can get pretty close. For me, this is an advantage because I can shave more often and avoid razor burn, but if you have dark hair and light skin where every tiny bit of stubble shows, then you may want to stick with a razor.

Now, on to the actual shaving advice:

First of all, friction is responsible for most of your nicks and also for those extremely painful incidents where a small bit of skin gets caught by the shaver. When the blades spin fast, friction is reduced. You need to make sure your shaver is fully charged before you use it. Although this shaver theoretically holds a charge for multiple shaves, I don't advise you to try it. Charge that baby all the way each and every time you use it! If you are using it on your underarms or bikini line, you will probably want to do those areas first, when the shaver is at its most powerful.

Second, This is a wet/dry shaver, not a damp shaver. It needs to glide smoothly over your skin, and if your skin is only damp, like from the bath or from sweating in a humid bathroom, it's going to be tacky and the shaver will skip rather than glide, and you will be forced to press down harder to keep contact - this can also cause nicks and cuts. So make sure your skin is either totally wet or totally dry. I do mine after the shower and use a hair-dryer on low to totally dry off my skin before I use it.

Finally, unless you are just doing a touch-up shave, you must cut your hair down with the clipper setting before you use the foil. The foil is for cutting very short hair down to skin level, but it is going to catch and pull any hair that is longer. If your hair is long enough to be cut by the clippers, you need to use them first before letting the foil touch your skin.

I hope that this advice will give you a wonderfully smooth and satisfying shaving experience with this or any electric shaver you decide to buy.

367 of 404 found the following review helpful:

4So far, so good...Jun 05, 2009
By L. Henry
This works great! Disposables give me razor burn, but I like the close shave. I tried an epilator and that didn't work too well, it just broke off the hairs. I figured I would just give up and use an electric shaver and get a close enough shave, but this one exceeded my expectations. I also like that there's a nice compact place for it on my electrical outlet.

I tried both wet and dry functions and I think it works better dry. When I dried off, I could still feel hairs so I went over it again and the area became smooth. However, during dry shaving, if I go to fast my skin catches in the razor. There was no bleeding, but it wasn't comfortable.

Then only thing I don't like is that there's no cord attachment. That's probably for safety reasons, but I would like that option when the battery starts to lose it charge.

245 of 268 found the following review helpful:

4Used this about ten times max. Was okay, ...Dec 03, 2014
By Anne Matthaei "justanne"
Used this about ten times max. Was okay, nothing to write home about until the last time. It shredded my legs! Look!

292 of 345 found the following review helpful:

1Great both wet and dry!Jul 03, 2011
By Sally
ORIGINAL REVIEW (July 2, 2011): I was tired of getting razor burn from my cheap, disposable razors so I decided to ditch razors all together and get this instead after I saw it had good reviews. I have used it both wet and dry and in all honesty they both give just as good of a shave. It's a nice close shave (surprisingly as close as a razor) without leaving me red bumps the next day. You do have to be careful because if you angle it the wrong way you may pinch your skin and bleed a little. I found out if you lay it flat against your skin as much as possible then you can avoid this though. It just takes getting used to, but it is well worth it. It really is a good razor and for only $22 (that's how much I paid for it) it is not a bad deal at all!!

I'd also like to add that you don't have to purchase batteries for this one. It recharges every time you plug it into your wall. The charge lasts for awhile as well. After I first charged it I shaved for maybe a total of 30 minutes so far and it's still going strong. I'll probably be charging it up anyway just to be safe for my next shave in a few days.

UPDATED REVIEW (January 17, 2012): Ok, this product went from 5 stars down to 1 star. I had this razor for LESS than 7 months and as of today it no longer works at all. I originally thought it was dead, so I attempted to charge it by plugging it into the wall like I always have. The red light lit up to signal that it was charging, so I left it there for 12 hours. After 12 hours of charging I took it out, only to discover that it did absolutely NOTHING when I put the power switch on. It is as if it is completely dead and done with. All I have to say now is that this razor was amazing while it lasted. My original 5 star review would have remained had it not died on me after only 6 months of use.

56 of 64 found the following review helpful:

1Ex[ected more from Panasonic quality control!!!Apr 16, 2013
By Sue
This review is not about the product's functionality at all, I couldn't get to use it to assess if this works or not even, as soon as I opened the package I could see the shaver was used!!! The protective plastic cover on top of the shaver had a short hair plainly on the inside & stubble near the blades! I would think a well known company like Panasonic would care to screen their merchandise for quality control. And to think they would be sending me something that someone else used before me (shudder !!! ) this is a personal grooming item & who would want to share that??? one of the other reviewers stated that the item chopped up her pubic skin into pieces & she returned the item, I unfortunately got something that someone else used like that, contaminated by who knows what!!!

I am returning the shaver at once & demanding that the seller make sure that they have better quality control over their wares! I am uploading pictures so that people can clearly see what they market. Future buyers beware, they clearly send back items people used & returned (gross)!

As a loyal Amazon customer for many years, I am thoroughly disappointed about the negligence on the seller & marketplace's part on this transaction.

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