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AccuSharp 001 Knife Sharpener
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AccuSharp 001 Knife Sharpener

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Knife sharpener rustproof with tungsten carbide sharpener.

  • Sharpeners are reversible & replaceable sharpens knives, hoes, cleavers, axes, etc.
  • Best knife sharpener to sharpen any two bevel blades.
  • Size



    BCI - 303001


    Sharpens your knives quickly, easily and accurately

    Just draw the AccuSharp over the tool and your work gets easier

    Renew your edges in an instant

    Safety hand grip prevents cuts

    Diamond-honed tungsten carbide

    Product Details:
    Product Length: 5.5 inches
    Product Width: 0.75 inches
    Product Height: 2.25 inches
    Product Weight: 2.0 pounds
    Package Length: 6.1 inches
    Package Width: 3.3 inches
    Package Height: 1.1 inches
    Package Weight: 0.1 pounds
    Average Customer Rating: based on 2090 reviews
    Customer Reviews:
    Average Customer Review: 4.5 ( 2090 customer reviews )
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    Most Helpful Customer Reviews

    631 of 659 found the following review helpful:

    5Sharpening tool of the centuryFeb 06, 2007
    By JW Coltrain
    This is a tremendous invention! I was a pro chef for about 15 years.

    The customary way to sharpen knifes was a steel and or flat stone.

    I have bought and used various "sharpening systems" and had ex-

    pensive electric diamond sharpeners. However, this device is the

    fastest, cheapest, and best one I have ever used. It puts a very

    sharp edge on all knives (almost razor sharp), and sharper than any

    $300 electric sharpener out there. And for the average 8" chefs knife,

    takes about 20 seconds! Get one of these and you will be amazed

    how something so simple works so well.

    409 of 433 found the following review helpful:

    5This thing is AWESOME!!Jan 03, 2007
    By J. P. Becker "culinary wannabe"
    Do not, repeat, DO NOT buy some $100+ electric knife sharpener that may or may not be any good. I got a tip on this from Cook's magazine, which reviewed several products and rated this the top manual sharpener. (By the way, Cook's definitely did not recommend the dumb Rachael Ray-sponsored sharpener with the curvy blades and high price tag.) For about $10, this product honed my fancy German knives, and also the old knives I've had for 20 years (chicago cutlery/faberware kinds of knives) that have been dull for a decade. After 20-30 strokes with the tungsten sharpener, those knives were cutting paper like on a Ginsu infomercial (though I didn't try them on a beer can)! I can't say it loud enough--buy this, and you will not be sorry. In fact, buy it for yourself, and get one for anyone you know who appreciates a sharp edge when chopping vegetables.

    88 of 93 found the following review helpful:

    4Good edge, but takes a lot of metal offJun 28, 2009
    By ohsolomia
    I am sharpener impaired , and have bought lots of stones and sharpeners spending a bunch ($200 plus in all)
    This thing puts a great edge on , simply. makes knives a happy, sharp experience.
    However, It TAKES A LOT of metal off, so requires cautious use and acknowlegement of the fact that knives you use it on, ain't gonna last forever.
    That, I can afford

    191 of 212 found the following review helpful:

    5Puts a Sharp Edge on Any BladeOct 13, 2005
    By kone "kone"
    This product will put a quick edge on any knife, large or small. Simply draw the angled (paired) sharpening stones over your blade, and presto - you have an edge, and a pretty good one too. Best of all, the sharpener is very portable, weighs less than nothing, and fits into backpacks, fishing tackle boxes, hunting fanny pack, etc. with no added weight or bulk.

    The edge that this sharpener puts on a blade is a great starting point for further honing of the blade to razor sharpness if desired.

    I have several of these sharpeners. The only drawback is that the sharpening stones wear out after perhaps 6 - 10 sharpenings. But under 10 bucks, this is a bargain.

    Jim "Konedog" Koenig

    321 of 360 found the following review helpful:

    3Not as good as its reputation, won't give you a razor's edgeAug 31, 2010
    By J. Williamson
    I've hand-sharpened knives for 25 or so years now, and have tried nearly every sharpening system and sharpening materials out there. In all of my considerable experience (sorry if that sounds a bit cocky), nothing beats hand-sharpening on flat whetstones that have a high grit, or using a leather strop with jeweler's rouge to polish up an edge to a glass smooth, super razor sharp edge.

    I kept hearing such wonderful things from people about how good of a sharpener this AccuSharp 001 knife sharpener is, so I decided, since I really like to have very sharp knives, to give it a try. I own several other sharpeners like this, both in design and in material (tungsten carbide), and have never been satisfied with the edge they produce. Before purchasing this product, probably the best I had tried before were sharpeners like the Smith Abrasives, Inc. PP1 Pocket Pal Knife Sharpener, which has both a tungsten carbide sharpener to quickly get a semi-sharp edge, and also a ceramic bladed sharpener to finish, or "polish" the edge into sharpness.

    This AccuSharp 001 sharpener is actually the best product of this kind I have tried. Despite only having the tungsten carbide blades, it actually gives a good knife a decent edge. I tried this product on cheap 440A stainless steel (no name Wally World type knives), 440HC stainless steel (typical Buck knife blade material, which is pretty decent steel), to high quality blade materials like high carbon 1095 steel (Ontario, SOG, some Cold Steel, Spyderco, and a few others) and VG-1 and VG-10 stainless steels (again, SOG, some Cold Steel, Spyderco, Benchmade, etc).

    Even on high quality steel blades, this sharpener only delivers a decent edge. Not a razor edge, but a decent edge. No offense to the previous reviewer, I like to use a knife for its intended cut through something with MINIMAL effort...which cannot be done without at LEAST a razor edge. Whether I'm preparing dinner, to woodworking, etc etc, I simply must have a razor's edge at the least to work with, to make my work go easier.

    I have still found no better method that using high grit flat stones, followed by polishing with a leather strop and jeweler's rouge, to give me that super razor edge on good quality steel that I prefer to use.

    SO, if you only want a pretty decent edge to work with, then this product is, hands down, the best one to use to give you that decent edge. Just make sure you follow the instructions and only use very, very slight pressure, or you'll never get that decent edge.

    If what you want or need is a razor edge, or super razor edge, then this product will disappoint you. It all depends on what you want/need.

    But, again, as far as this type of sharpener goes, this is by far the best one I've used.

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